Oxer Suzzane 2020, Rioja – Last bottles

  • Spanje
  • 2020
€ 44,95

Extract and score from Luis Gutiérrez’ article ‘Make Rioja great again!’, published July 14th 2022

“I also visited the impressive, old and beautiful vineyards from Oxer Bastegieta, who had implemented a big change in the quality and style of his wines from 2018 onward. He works organically and uses biodynamical preparations but doesn’t have or seek any kind of certification.
He has three new reds in Rioja, a revamped white and a new wine from a project in Toro. And he continues with his full range of characterful Txakoli, of course… But I still have a soft spot for Kalamity!”

2020 Oxer Bastegieta • Suzzane

Rating 93

The Garnacha red 2020 Suzzane was quite open, a little more advanced than the other 2020s, ripe and heady but with a vibrant palate that was not consistent with the notes I found in the nose. He sent me a second bottle that I tasted at home, and the profile was completely different: floral, young and spicy with a medium body and very fine tannins, a long, dry finish and still young and energetic. There are only 2,000 bottles. In 2020, the Garnacha had lower yields because of poor flower settling and some hail. On hold. It was bottled in September of 2021.